30 mins of week 4-21

This week the Sesame sketches have a robot theme. And, the home sketches have a monster theme. The home sketches were inspired by a friend of mine. Michael Schupbach's blog is all about monsters. He's just gotten it up and runnin. It's fun and free, so go see it! Now here are some sketches. Bobbing head Elmo.  I realized I should have filled the tank up.  But, not its sort of a torture.  Eh, he's only a head anyway.  I really didn't like this sketch.  But, good or bad, I wanted to post the sketches.  Bomberman Elmo.  Yup, the suit was inspired by Bomberman.  Little monder.  I just pictured the head of this monster.  Everything was built off that shape.  This is how the Sesame characters would play "robot".  Strap some cardboard on and wammo you got yourself a robot.  That's my nephew Julian a few years back.  I just dug his expression.  I just thought it would be a good expression to play with.  Robo Bert.  Same robot exploration as the Ernie cardboard robot.  I'm not sure why I enjoy sketching yelling monsters.  But, here's another one.  And, here is Elmo in a cardboard robot suit.  I just really wanted to see how we'd handle the eyeballs above the head.  

plused 30 - droid

This is one of the earlier 30 minute sketches that I did a little while ago. The sketch was really rough, so I just had to clean it up. Hope yous likes.

30 mins of week 4-14

This week I only have 8 out of my usual 10.  I had some bad shrimp on Tuesday evening.  In trying to keep this clean, lets just say that I was unstable on Wednesday.  Therefore, there are no sketches for that day.  But, the others are there.  This week, with my Sesame sketches, I went with a "sticker art" sort of style.  I can't say that I've ever done actual sticker art, so this makes me a  poser.  But, hell, can't help it if I was inspired.  And, my home sketches were done in the "chibi" style.  I'm not sure what the style is officially called, but its the larger head smaller body thing.  I'm still feeling the style out.  So, I'm sure there will be many more.  These also took longer than I expected, so I was not able to clean them up.  So, you'll see cleaned up versions down the road.  Enough speak, now images.  
Here's Bert.  I think this one is my favorite of the Sesame 30s this week.  
This character was inspired by my friend Freddy.  He's just full of incredible energy.  This is him running through the halls of Sesame Workshop.  
Ernie.  I did this one twice.  This was the better one... I think.  
Chibi Wolverine.  He needs some work.  
Count Von Count.  A coworker said he looks like a speeding locomotive.  He does, doesn't he?  
Chibi Spidey?  Hmm, not quite.  
Oscar sticker.  I liked how this one came out.  
Chibi Batman.  I think this is probably my favorite of the chibis this week.  

plused 30 - Disney Abby

Here's the Disney Abby I did for a 30 minute drawing a couple of weeks ago. I cleaned her up a bit. Darkened her lines in. I think I went a little to Diz and not enough Sesame with this one.

30mins of 4-7

Here are the 30 minute exercises for this week. Weeeeeeeeeee!! This was inspired by one of my friends reacting to a box of mini plastic food. Mr. Grover-tastic. I was researching graffiti and got inspired by the sticker graffiti and this was what came out. And, here's a little Sesame version of my venture into sticker art. This guy was inspired by a collection of shapes I saw in a fake marble counter in a Chinese take out place. Invisible Muppet Rosita This is how I feel at the gym as I'm trying to finish my set. I'll have to go in and clean this one up. Robo Elmo. This chibi character is done after one of my friends. And, that is the stink face that seems to be her default expression.

Kid DJs

Here are the DJ kids I sketched in my 30 mins a couple weeks ago. I cleaned them up a little.

30 mins of week 3-31

Last week I took a vaca, so there were no 30 mins to post. But, this week, I did my daily two. I think for my morning exercise I decided to go with a super hero theme every other day. And, the other days will be for anything that comes to mind. For my nights, I'm still struggling to come up with sketches. But, here are my sketches for this week. Enjoy!Zoe as Bill the Cat. Did some playing with some shapes for Venom. Captain Elmo! This is a guy I saw in the gym when I went for a work out. I've been exploring the "chibi" style. I like good Chibi character art, but its hard to find. Or else, I just don't know where to look. Here's Ernie in a chibi-ish style. My girlfriend says he's looking a little slow... he does. This is my girlfriend in chibi style. No worries, she's not a child. This is Ernie as Logan. The pose was off and he didn't look aggressive enough...So, I did this one. I think the pose is better and the energy is better, but still a little off. My girlfriend's suggestion of a caveman looking Sesame character. So, here's prehistoric Bert.This is one of those stupid inconsiderate lazy asses that stop the world from turning because they don't seem to realize or care that there are other people around them. This sketch was based on a person that was in front of me getting on the subway. Once he gets on, he just basically stops as if there weren't anyone else behind him that needed to get on. And, this was the expression he had on his face as he stood there. Not a bright bulb.