30s of week 10-19-09

Last week I got myself hitched. Yep, made the jump! So, of course, I had to take a few days off. Therefore, I only made it into the office a couple days, which left me with a week worth of work crammed into a couple of days. Out of the couple of days, I got one sketch done. Yes, slacker. But, here is the one I did get to do.

It's Bert in a somewhat traditional Chinese wedding get up. Yah, I had to. And, that's a flower like thing strapped to Bert's chest. His chest didn't explode...

30s of week 10-12-09

This week we continue with the Electric Company character style exploration. I was only in three days this week and got off two sketches. Check em out.

On this sketch I focused more on the pose and expression.

This Chibi styled one I was more focused on the style itself and how characters pose in that style.

30s of week 10-5-09

Because of my sink nightmares, I was babysitting my sink for a part of the week. So, I was only able to get into the office for three days. But, when I got in, I did a little sketchy sketch. This week I had planned to stay with the same style. But, an order to develop a simple more "primitive" look for Electric Company came through. So, here are the results.

I was able to get Big Bird out before the order came down for Electric Company. Cute, but Big Bird is always hard to get looking good.

I did a bunch of sketches, but this is one of the ones I liked. I think it needs some refining, but the start is there.

30s of week 9-28-09

Here are my sketches from last week. I only got out two. Damn slacker. Staying with the simplified idea and working my way through the characters.

Here's Grover. I feel he still needs work. Something with the mouth...

Abby came out well. She's a bit busy with all her details, but she's cute.