Sesame Bits - BG

Hey there folks, here's a little "behind the scenes" view of the most recent Sesame Bits.  This is a look at the background.  11x17, copy paper, and blue pencil.  Nothing fancy.  

This is the full background before characters, props, details, speech balloons, and dotted path were added.

Here's a closer look at Mr. Hooper's store.  On the finished strip there is a tree added in front of the store.
This is the 123 Sesame brownstone.  Also had a tree in front of it in the finished strip. 

Sesame Bits - Pencils

Here it is folks.  These are my pencils for this edition of Sesame Bits.  This time around I was inspired by the dotted path stylings of Bil Keane's Family Circus comics.  Loved these when I was young, so it was fun to create my own interpretation of the idea for Sesame.  

This was a beast to pencil.  Now I have an idea why we didn't see more of these.  The addition of the detailed background is a lot more work than adding hints of a background to a regular panel comic layout.  Which I did in the past few Sesame Bits.  I used Illustrator to create the balloons and the dotted path.  Everything else was pencil to paper.  This one worked my drawing hand out thoroughly.  Sore for days, but well worth it!  

Hope y'alls enjoy!