30s of week 6-23

This week I still only have the morning 30s to show. Other projects are keeping me from following up with my night 30s. I know I know, lame. I do intend to start them up again. This week I continued with the Calvin and Hobbes inspired character style. I like the feel, so I might actually take some time to explore and tie down the proportions and structure. Again, these 30 minute sketches go by too fast for me to get them to where I want them. Yeah, I'm just not that fast. But, these were fun. I might continue the theme next week and explore some posing options. But, here are this weeks. Enjoy!

Lil Oscar! I don't know if he so much has the Calvin and Hobbes vibe, but he came out pretty alright.

I was probably the least happy with Zoe. She's cute, but her pose is a little boring.

I liked Abby's pose a lot, but I think her proportions are off. And, I would probably show more of her legs and feet if I were to work on her some more.

Big Bird, like Cookie, was one of the harder ones to work with. Their proportions are a bit awkward to distort. BB actually came out better than I had expected.

I was really happy with how Prairie Dawn came out. Her head may be a bit on the large side, but I think she came out pretty cute.

30s of week 5-16

So, my body is finally winning the battle against bronchitis. Well, the bad ass medicines that my doctor gave me helped too. But, I'm easing back into my 30s. This week I only did my morning 30s. I'm still figuring out what to do with my afternoon 30s. But, here is what I have for this week. I was inspired by Calvin and Hobbes. I've always like the style. So, I thought I'd try to translate the Sesame characters. 30s are a little fast for me to really explore a style, but its fun to try it out. If it works out, I'll explore it in more detail. Hope you likes.

Here's Elmo wondering about his new proportions and structure.

I think I made Bert's head a little too large. The pose works tho.
I really liked how Ernie came out. I think Ernie's structure lent itself well to the style.
Cookie is cute, but I think he's not working as well. His proportions were a little more difficult to work with. I'd definitely need more time to make him work.
Grover came out okay. There's still something off about his structure. He'd also take some more time to clean up.

Fall From Grace

Whew, its been quite a couple of weeks. I've been down and out with bronchitis for two to three weeks. Phlegmy cough, fever, cold sweat, nausea, and all that good stuff. I was not in any shape to sit and draw. I know, how could that be? But, yeah, I was a mess. I stayed out of work too, so that's why there aren't even any work sketches either. I'm actually still trying to fight off the last parts of the friggin bronchitis. I'm even taking some bad ass medication. I'm going to try to pick up the sketching this coming week. But, before that, I wanted to share this little piece. I had started working on this the week before I got sick. I used my night 30 min sessions to work on this one. I want to put some color to it, but I also wanted to post something. So, here it is. Enjoy!

30s of week 5-26

Whew, its been a long week. Came back from memorial day with the family and got hit with a heavy coughing phlegmy cold. One day I woke up at 5 in the am and I couldn't breath properly. I was wheezing and only able to take half breaths. Major chest congestion. So, with the cold and stress from work, I only have 3 pieces this week. And, I'm still working on the home piece. Didn't do too much to it this week, but still workin on it. I'm slackin like a mofo this week! Anyway, here are the pieces. These were all inspired by a pose I saw in the "Art of KungFu Panda" book a friend lent me. I liked the perspective.
Ernie came out okay...
I think Bert's turned out the best...

Cookie's perspective turned out a little funky. I didn't push his arm out enough.