30s of week 6-23

This week I still only have the morning 30s to show. Other projects are keeping me from following up with my night 30s. I know I know, lame. I do intend to start them up again. This week I continued with the Calvin and Hobbes inspired character style. I like the feel, so I might actually take some time to explore and tie down the proportions and structure. Again, these 30 minute sketches go by too fast for me to get them to where I want them. Yeah, I'm just not that fast. But, these were fun. I might continue the theme next week and explore some posing options. But, here are this weeks. Enjoy!

Lil Oscar! I don't know if he so much has the Calvin and Hobbes vibe, but he came out pretty alright.

I was probably the least happy with Zoe. She's cute, but her pose is a little boring.

I liked Abby's pose a lot, but I think her proportions are off. And, I would probably show more of her legs and feet if I were to work on her some more.

Big Bird, like Cookie, was one of the harder ones to work with. Their proportions are a bit awkward to distort. BB actually came out better than I had expected.

I was really happy with how Prairie Dawn came out. Her head may be a bit on the large side, but I think she came out pretty cute.


Janelle said...

I disagree about the Zoie caricature. The simplicity of her just there is really telling, not boring at all. And I like that it's a kind of gritty drawing too. Although I see what you're going for - a more stylized "cuteness" so I understand your feelings. But I really like that sketch. my two cents.

kaNO! said...

that baby big bird running is so awesome, you can really feel the speed.