30s of week 6-30

This week I attended Icon5. A illustration conference. Met some awesome artists. James Jean and Tristan Eaton of Thunderdog Studios being two of the coolest. And, met two feature film and game concept artists/directors. Barry Jackson and Gregory Scott(can't find a link for him). Did a cold walk up and intro. Handed over my card... don't expect to hear from them. Not that they weren't nice. As a matter of fact, they were quite nice and actually gave me some time. They all were. It was a great experience. If you can get in to the next conference, I'd highly recommend it. Especially, if you can get a company to sponsor you. That's even more highly recommended. :)

This week for my morning 30s, more Calvin and Hobbes inspired Sesame characters. Exploring different poses, attitudes, and expressions. But, there is only so much you can explore in 30 minutes. Well, only so much I can explore... There are only four this week because we were off on the 4th. Hope all yous had a good 4th. Still no afternoon 30s. I'm working on it though. I'm actually playing with coloring one of my earlier posts with my night 30s. But, playing takes a looong time. Especially, if you've only worked with pencils for most of your life. But, anyway, here are this week's 30s.

This Grover came out horribly. I was trying to give him a Hobbes' structure, but it just didn't work. The attitude came out okay. I was visualizing him thinking "What the hell were you thinking?!?!".

Elmo in a excited running pose. I think the pose works in a Calvin and Hobbes-ish sort of way, but his head is a little too wide.

Bert came out well. I played with more angular lines with this pose. I like this Bert better than the first one I did in this style.

Cookie walking with some confidence. I'm still playing with his proportions. I think the Cookie I posted before had too large of a head. This one may be a bit small for the style.

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