Best product EVER!

Well, as far as my designs for Sesame go... This is a product we got in from Japan. I was super excited about these stickers because this is the first product where I felt that the company "got it". They understood how these designs were to be used. And, the quality of the product is on point.

From the packaging...

To the product itself.

This is my favorite line on the sheet. Just the heads.

They're puffy! How awesome is that?

This is the sheet that sits behind the sheet of stickers. They even did a good job on that.

I know they're just stickers. But, they got everything right. From the use of the designs to using a matte finish to making them puffy, everything was done just right. To see a company understand what I had rattling around in my head for these designs is quite amazing. Surprisingly, I don't see that much. Well done, Sun-Star. Well done!

30s of week 2-9

It's been some time. Struggling to keep up with these sketches, but I'm still truckin. I, like many, was caught up with the Late Night wars. Personally, I'm on Conan's side. He moved his whole crew out to LA. Come on! I think he should come back to the east side. It's where he belongs. His show lost its edge on west. Anyway, here's my Sesame take on the hosts.

Here's Bert doing Conan's famous "String Dance".

Ernie as Jay. Imagine his head bobbling a little. Heheh.