Long time no update. It's been a busy couple of months. Work it coming on strong. Even got a fun design project. Nice! Working hard on 2Bs. If you haven't joined us at 2Bnation, its not too late. And, I'll be going to Comic Con this year for Sesame, so prepping for that. Not representing at a booth, but just checking out the craziness and the wonderful works. I'll be sporting either a Sesame shirt or a 2B shirt, so keep an eye out. Anyway, here's some sketches.

This is Elmo. It doesn't look like him without color, but what's the fun if you always follow the rules?

Oscar! This is my favorite of this bunch. And, yes, the pupils were left out on purpose.

I love playing with Bert. I should have left his pupils out too. Maybe, I'll take them out digitally and see what he looks like...