Wow, Sesame Zombies have been getting a lot of play these few days. Thanks to all that covered this style. I'm glad these little guys tickle your funny bone.

To answer one of the bloggers out there that stated that he didn't see a Cookie Monster Zombie, here he is. I looked back in my blog and couldn't believe that I hadn't post him up earlier. He was actually one of the earliest characters created in this line. As this blogger mentioned, he pretty much has the same mentality... but towards cookies. So, here he is, Cookie Zombie!

Zombie Originals

Here are the original designs of the Sesame Zombie used on the Mightyfine shirts. I did the characters and Mightyfine's artist added and altered details that you see on the shirts.

Oscar. I was going to add Slimey, but ran out of time. Maybe, in the future.

Big Bird. His shape actually needed some work from the sketch to make it more... kid friendly.

Elmo. Simple. Still one of my favorites.

Ernie. He has my favorite hair of all the Zombies. The idea was inspired by a dog that I remember seeing from my trip to Hong Kong when I was 9. It was an alley dog. At 9 it was the first time I had seen an street dog in real life, so it stuck in my head. Taadaa, Ernie's hair!

Bert. His uni-brow came in real handy with this design line.

Count. Last one done. My favorite. He just had so many details to play with.

There are a few more that haven't been used yet. If you scroll back in this blog, you'll see some in pencil form. Maybe, a couple in near finished form. I'll post them later. I wanted to focus on the ones used for the Mightyfine shirts in this post. Hope you enjoyed the tour!