30s.... kind of

It's been too long. Busy busy trying to develop the 2Bs. And, working on getting eyeballs to the Facebook page. Also, known as 2Bnation. Wooot! Actually, got a nice little rush of fully custom 2B requests. Sshweeet! That's my official excuse for why I haven't posted as much as I should be. Oooo, also, working on some cool designs for Sesame. I likey. We'll see if it makes it past the walls of my office... If it gets shot down, you guys will be the first... and ONLY people to see them. Anyway, here are a couple of pieces that I was able to pull together. Enjoy!

We were lucky enough to get to go to Comic Con this year with Sesame. This is my little tribute to the craziness. Storm Trooper Bert.

Here's a little piece still running off of the last sketches I was playing with. Its supposed to be Grover... if its not obvious.