NYCC - Steampunk Oscar

Hey folks!  Here's a piece I did for Sesame for Mightyfine for NYCC.  Continuing with last years steampunk theme, I went with Oscar.  It's actually one that I wanted to do last year, but just didn't have the time for.  I conceptualized, penciled, and inked this piece. 
This is the "inked" version of the piece.  I used "" because only the outline was ever inked.  The interior lines are all tight pencils.

As you can see this is the color version of the piece.  The colors were done by the talented designer Vanessa.  She put in a little extra grit for Oscar. 

And this is the finished product.  This was given to us by the fine folks at Mightyfine.  So if you want this shirt or just want to see it in person AND you're at NYCC, take a stroll over to the Mightyfine booth.  It's one of the displayed shirts. 

Sesame Bits - Preschool is Cool

These are the pencils for the most recent Sesame Bits comic.

The idea was built on the bit on the DVD that Rosita loves to play hide and seek.  Then, thinking of what would be the best way to hide.  What better than poofing into thin air?  Yeh, that gag.  Enjoy!