Steampunk Cookie for NYCC 2013

This year for NYCC I continued my steampunk series with Sesame Street x Mightyfine, I worked on a steampunk Cookie Monster.

Above you see the pencils for the piece.  I use col-erase blue for my roughs through pretty much finish line.  This time I went in with a Micron pen to put down a thicker outline.  You can see that below.    

And these are the finished and inked stages of the piece.  The colors were done by a fellow Sesame designer.

Sesame Bits - Being Brave

Here you see the pencils for the Sesame Bits comic strip for Sesame's Being Brave DVD release... well, its the cleaned up pencils.  The roughs are a mess... and they aren't neatly in comic strip setup.

This was a fun comic to work on because I got to play with the characters more.  Getting more physical with them.  Roughing them up a bit.  I like that these comics are meant for a online audience.  I imagine that the readers of these are older fans or parents.  So I hope they enjoy the slightly more edgy and less cutesy nature of the design.  Of course, still gotta keep some cuteness.  Trying to straddle that fine line of edgy and cute.  

Sesame Bits - C is for Cooking

These are the pencils for the Sesame Bits done for C is for Cooking DVD release.  It's actually the stage where I'm working out the word balloons.

This was a great piece to work on because I was able to put a costume on Cookie Monster.  Seems like it was nicely accepted.  Got a lot of great feedback from all the places that Sesame posted it.  

Korean Zombies

New Era has released the Sesame Zombies into Korea.

This time they shrunk their bodies a bit.  I love seeing product with the zombie designs because they were underdogs since the beginning.  Lets just say not everyone was in support of my zombies.  But true to their name, they just won't die.  

These are available at New Era's Korea site.  They used Bert, Ernie, Oscar, Elmo, and Cookie.  Most are already sold out.

Sesame Bits Pencils

This is the pencils for the most recent Sesame Bits comic.  This was created to support the release of Elmo's Art Smart DVD.

This Sesame Bit's idea came from a moment on the DVD when a character asks a puppeteer about puppeteering.  I found it funny, so I latched onto it and came up with what you see above.  

Sesame Bits Pencils

Here are the pencils for the most recent Sesame Bits comic that I worked on. This gag was inspired off the DVD Elmo the Musical which this comic was released to support. Usually, I post up a cleaned up version of the pencils. Meaning its all nicely on one sheet, but decided to post the way it really is this time. Just thought its better to show how it really is.

Saint Paddy's 2B

Here's a little piece I did for my 2B project for Saint Patrick's Day.  This is a little behind the scenes view of the file being built.  All those little points are what makes up the image.  Go to the 2B Facebook page to see the finished piece.  And throw us a like if you haven't already.   

I went back and forth on what to put in his thought bubble.  Pot of gold?  Rainbow with a pot of gold?  Mug of brew?  Cupcake with red and green sprinkles?  Then it came to me.  The thing I look forward to on this greenest of days, a shamrock shake.  So there it is.  Hope everyone is having a happy and safe Saint Patrick's Day.

Sesame Bits: Old School 3

This is the Sesame Bits that I did for Sesame Workshop's Old School 3 DVD release back in 2012.

The Old School 3 DVD covered the 80's.  It was fun for me to look up some of the iconic "characters" that I grew up with and figure out how to incorporate them into one outfit.

Here's a close up of Grover with the 80's gear on.  From top to bottom:  Inspector Gadget hat, D.M.C glasses, Ghostbusters pack and trap, Sesame jersey styled after the Chicago Bull's 80's jersey, Transformers Optimus Prime arm, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle arm, Air Jordans, and Smurf leg.  There was plenty more I wanted to add, but these were my favs. 

Space mercenary

This is a piece I did for a event.  The request was for a intergalactic space mercenary that had a specific location on earth to...explore. 

So this was my little soldier that I came up with.  Here you can see the the cleaned up blue pencil and inked versions of the piece.  What great city is he exploring you ask?  Do you even need to ask?  NYC of course!

 Here's a close up of a NYPD service piece that he..."acquired" in his explorations. 

Close up of his communication system.  Of course, its on his arm.  Where else would it be?  To you NYers, there's a little something extra in there for ya.  

Chalking: The New Portal

I recently worked on a chalk piece for Sesame Workshop.  It was a piece to help launch their new portal.  They requested Cookie be used.  So, here is what I came up with.  See the process below.  

  This is me hesitating to touch a clean black wall.  

 Once I get over the ruining black wall feeling, I lay down my rough lines lightly with white chalk.

Cleaning up the rough lines and putting in an outline.

I didn't know what I was going to do with the fur texture till I started filling it in.  The other option was a flat blue.  I figured I'd challenge myself a little and go with the strands. 

 This is Molly putting in the font work.

 This is the finished piece.  Cookie having fun with the new portal on his new PineApple(yeh, that's what that is) computer. 

Here's a time lapse-y video of the process.  Enjoy!

New old piece

Happy New Years folks!  I'm welcoming in the new year with a new post...of a piece I did in 2012.  This was a piece that Sesame requested for a thank you gift to their Bangladesh co-production.  I had done a similar piece for the Indonesia co-pro a little while back.  Check it out here.   

This is the finished piece.  It's a line drawing done in blue col-erase pencil.  Four of Sesame's main characters(Big Bird, Grover, Cookie, and Elmo) and four of the Bangladesh Sesame's characters(Halum, Tuktuki, Ikri Mikri, and Shiku).    

This is a peek at part of the process. This is an image of the clean line part of the process.  The rough sits underneath as reference.  You can also see the start of me exploring the thicker outline. 

Here's a close up on the sign and light post.  That's the Bangladesh street sign.  I had no idea what the sign says, so I just had to straight trace it.  I had to be really careful to not accidentally make it say something it's not supposed to.  That would be a problem.  

Here's a close up on the center of the piece.  Cookie gnawing on the light post.  This is further along in the process.  Almost finished.  Just added a few more details after this and it was ready to be framed and presented to the Bangladesh team.  Hope they enjoyed it.