More streamlined

These are a little something I've been working on. The idea was to make the characters more animated and energetic. And, since "they" don't like the characters to be too much of a departure from the original, I kept it rather close to model. Just streamlined the details a bit.

Ernie was my favorite. His features are the easiest to smooth out.

Cookie was fun too, but I took him a little farther.

Elmo took me the longest. The way his eyes work into his head gave me trouble. Just one of those days.

Ernie was pretty straight forward. I need to work on him some more.

1st 30s of 2010

Happy new years everyone. I actually got a couple of 30s off even with all the learning how to function again that happens after a week and half off. Well, this year has started off with a new venture. Well, actually, it started end of last year. For some of you, you've already seen what I'm talking about. And, for others, you'll see soon enough. Nothing big. Just a fun little project I've been working on with a friend. Got to keep yourself laughing, right? Pics to come soon. Now, here are a couple sketchy sketches.

Bert as a new year's baby!

I traveled over our break from work. As some of you know, I have a Canon G9. I'm quite pleased with it. But, as I traveled, I saw more and more people with these huge cameras. Most of them didn't appear to even know what to do with them. But, I'm finding out that there is a image quality difference between my camera and the DSLRs. Simply due to the lens and sensor differences. Damn! Now, I'm working up a healthy big camera envy. Is it worth it?