30mins of week 5-19

Okay, with Memorial Day and a family reunion and needing to possibly do a presentation, I've been quite frazzled. I'm just getting to posting my Sesame sketches of last week. I do have a home sketch I've been working on, but am not finished. That will be posted later. I figure I should get these up first.
Here's Ernie in a "home made" super hero costume posing his little heart out.
Grover in a very low budget home made Spidey costume and pose.
Abby flying high.
Incredible shrinking Zoe. Isn't that just silly?


and Iron-Slimey. This is actually a redo of one of my 30min sketches. The one that many people told me that they couldn't recognize as Oscar. I did take away some of the details that makes Oscar identifiable in order to streamline him down, but it just left him unrecognizable. I was disappointed because I liked the pose, so I took another shot at it. This time I pulled out the Oscar-ness of the character. Hope you likes...And, I even played with some color. I don't color my pencils much. It's pretty obvious why. But, I like to play every once in a while.

30s of week 5-12

Here are my sketches for this week. I started doing more black pencil cleans this week. I'm starting to clean up the more simple sketches. The ones that I actually have time to sketch and clean up. I'm still doing the hero theme for the Sesame sketches. The home sketches a little this and that. Crab with a beer in its claw. This little guy I did for a friend for an invitation of hers.

Super Oscar. Just Oscar in a home made super hero outfit. He looks like he's having fun. But, the instant after this pose is just sad...
A happy computer. I'm still trying to make up a logo for my brother. This was one of the concepts.
Triangle Man. Telly loves triangles, so it was a no brainer that his home made super hero outfit would have to have something to do with triangles.
The original design for this guy is bellow. I modified him a little to resemble my brother... It's amazing how the more simple designs can take more time than the more complex.
This pose was quick because I had it in my head before starting the pose. So, I actually had time to go in a put down a clean black pencil pass.
Computer doctor. Same idea as the last character, but more human. Looks like I drew myself, but it works for my brother as well.
Oscar Thing. Didn't take into account how much time the rock texture would take. That is why the can is not textured and the rock that is there is flat. I was only able to go back and add a little detailing around the eyes, mouth, and hands. I really wanted to rock out the can. Oh well, maybe later.
This little guy popped into my head in the shower. Well, his head did. His body is still a work in progress. But, this is the guy the design above was based off of.

30 mins of week 4-5

Here are my 30 minutes of this week. This week got really busy all of sudden. You know how it goes from nothing to dropping like rain? Yeah, I know, its just an excuse. But, I'm sticking to that. So, this week, there are only two home sketches.

Prairie Dawn with a little cape playing super hero.

Iron Oscar? I actually thought I hit this one, but it has come to my attention that no one can see Oscar in here. So, I am working on a new one that will be posted later... with a little more Oscar in it.

Wonder Zoe. The funniest thing happen when I one of my coworkers saw this sketch. He asked me if those were Abby's wings that Zoe is holding. What a great story line that would be, right? Zoe is hating on the new girl character on the street and rips off her wings. Haha... wouldn't be very Sesame tho...

Chibi Wonder Woman. Exploring chibis again.

Ernie playing super hero. He added a little curl to show he was committed to the role.

Chibi Human Torch. Still working with fire. I realized afterwards that his hair should be one solid flame shape. But, it was too late to change it up. Maybe, later.

Cookie playing super hero. He's feeling quite good about his cape.

30 mins of week 4-28 part 2

And, here are the sketches from the mornings.  A little super hero and a little robot.  Bert Torch.  Yes, he is getting his flame on...  Cookie Bot.  Cookie in his home made robot suit.  Ice Ernie.  I wasn't happy with this sketch.  I didn't take into account all the time it would take to make ice look like ice.  Go figure.  And, that took away from other parts of the sketch.  Waawaa...  Prarie Bot.  I figured that I should put one of the girls into a robot suit.  So, here's Prarie Dawn in her cute little suit.  Pigeon Man?  Bert in a home made pigeon super hero suit.  I add the thumbnail for this sketch in the upper left corner.  Thought it might be neat to see.  

30 mins of week 4-28

This week I'm separating my sketches into two posts.  These are my home sketches of this week.  Its the different stages of one sketch.  This was a sketch inspired by my brother's business card.  He has a side business of fixing computers.  I wanted to create a image he could use for his business card.  I think this image may be too large, but I got all into it and couldn't stop.  Maybe, he can use it for another application.  I think I'm going to design another logo for him that will work for his card.  So, the images above are the stages and the image below is the last sketch.  It still requires some clean up before it can be used.  But, the lines are basically there.