30s of week 5-12

Here are my sketches for this week. I started doing more black pencil cleans this week. I'm starting to clean up the more simple sketches. The ones that I actually have time to sketch and clean up. I'm still doing the hero theme for the Sesame sketches. The home sketches a little this and that. Crab with a beer in its claw. This little guy I did for a friend for an invitation of hers.

Super Oscar. Just Oscar in a home made super hero outfit. He looks like he's having fun. But, the instant after this pose is just sad...
A happy computer. I'm still trying to make up a logo for my brother. This was one of the concepts.
Triangle Man. Telly loves triangles, so it was a no brainer that his home made super hero outfit would have to have something to do with triangles.
The original design for this guy is bellow. I modified him a little to resemble my brother... It's amazing how the more simple designs can take more time than the more complex.
This pose was quick because I had it in my head before starting the pose. So, I actually had time to go in a put down a clean black pencil pass.
Computer doctor. Same idea as the last character, but more human. Looks like I drew myself, but it works for my brother as well.
Oscar Thing. Didn't take into account how much time the rock texture would take. That is why the can is not textured and the rock that is there is flat. I was only able to go back and add a little detailing around the eyes, mouth, and hands. I really wanted to rock out the can. Oh well, maybe later.
This little guy popped into my head in the shower. Well, his head did. His body is still a work in progress. But, this is the guy the design above was based off of.


Faboun'e said...

Great pics guy !!
realy impressed by simplycity and quality ..

evan said...

Hey Faboun'e, thanks for the kind observations!