Here's a Elmo I did for Sesame for  It's Elmo as the Reddit alien. 

It shot up to #1 on the front page... I'm sure the announcement of the new season didn't have to do with the post's rise...  Check it out.  It might still be there!

Sesame chalk mural

Here's a fun project that I was involved with for Sesame Workshop.  We (Vanessa, Molly, and I) were tasked to create a mural involving character(s) and a company logo.  This was at a 10:30 am meeting.  The mural was needed the next day...

We got down to some brain storming and I went off (like I do) to work out the final idea.  I mainly handled the design, rough layout, and characters of the piece.

 Vanessa handled everything from scenery to patterns to clouds.  Molly handled the lettering and patterns.  This is not a posed picture.  This is actually how they were working.

 This was Vanessa and I's first experience with vandalism... working on a wall.  Molly is a experienced "muralist".   We knocked the piece out in about 5 hours.  Not sure if that's fast or slow, but we did our best. 

 Since this is my blog, here's a shot of the characters.  Abby almost broke me.  She is hard to get to look cute on paper.  Never mind drawing her on a wall with chalk.  And, never doing it before.  Almost broke me...

Here's as close of a straight on shot as the width of the hallway would allow.  It works with the perspective of the piece. 

A shot to give you an idea of how it sits in the hallway.  It's pretty much invisible until you're right up on it.  Thanks to Sesame for allowing me to work on a wall for the first time ever!

 A little time lapsy video I put together of the project.  Enjoy!

Inkling practice

Can't wait to get my hands on Wacom's Inkling. So excited!

Inkling only uses pen...for now. Therefore, gotta practice sketching without the finer lines that pencil allows. Oh, by the way, this sketch was based on a guy I saw on the subway. I thought the contrast of his tank like size to his tiny hat was hilarious.