Inkling practice

Can't wait to get my hands on Wacom's Inkling. So excited!

Inkling only uses pen...for now. Therefore, gotta practice sketching without the finer lines that pencil allows. Oh, by the way, this sketch was based on a guy I saw on the subway. I thought the contrast of his tank like size to his tiny hat was hilarious.


Rindo said...

Yes! The Inkling is the one reason I'm holding out on buying a smartphone! I mean, who needs it when you've got an Inkling for the subway rides to work! I'm gonna stick to my 4-year-old phone, thank you very much, and get me some Wacom goodness instead.

Unfortunately, no one (not even the retailers) has a clue when it'll be coming to the city I live in.

Diana Leto said...

This is lots-o-fun. Very Pixar-esk!