Card me

I got tired of always handing out company cards with my info hand written on it, so I finally made my own. I ran a short run of 250 to see how they came out. I was very pleased. Thanks to Kano, I got my cards made at a very reasonable price with the free rounded corners. Nice!

30s of week 5-18

This week I actually started another idea, but this idea took over. It was an idea continuing from last week.

The thought of Cookie being able to do the complete Vulcan solute was the main idea of the sketch. The Bock(Bert+Spock) in the background was an idea that came about mid sketch. I just thought it would be funny to have him staring on enviously.

Then, this image came about directly after the previous idea. I thought it would be hilarious for Bock to pull out the Vulcan death grip on Cookie in his intensely calm manner.

30s of week 5-11

This week I was asked one question many times. "Have you seen Star Trek yet?" I have not, but do plan to. But, since the question was brought to me so much during the week, it made its way into my 30s. So, here you go, this weeks sketches to Trek.

I started off with playing with his head details. Just couldn't bring myself to adding the hand yet. Just couldn't wrap my mind around the missing finger issue.

And, finally, I did one with the salute. And, Bert Spock just staring at his hand knowing that he couldn't ever fully perform the Vulcan Salute. Eh, but close enough.

30 of week 5-4

I've been feeling a little frustrated not being able to get to a more finished stage with my sketches. So, this week, I've combined my time. I was only able to squeeze out one sketch this week. But, I did use two 30 minute sessions on it.

The swine flu got to me. Oh no no, the flu itself didn't get to me. The constant barrage of news stories got to me. Here's how I pictured Bert reacting. Enjoy!

30s of week 4-27-09

Continuing with my exploration, I played with Ernie, Elmo, and Oscar. I think a forehead "detail" helps a lot in this style.

I had to give Ernie a angle on his forehead. Not so pleased.

Elmo's eyes kind of worked, but not really.

Oscar was my favorite of this week. He worked the best. I spent two sessions of my 30s on him. I liked it. I think I'll do it more.