30s of week 5-11

This week I was asked one question many times. "Have you seen Star Trek yet?" I have not, but do plan to. But, since the question was brought to me so much during the week, it made its way into my 30s. So, here you go, this weeks sketches to Trek.

I started off with playing with his head details. Just couldn't bring myself to adding the hand yet. Just couldn't wrap my mind around the missing finger issue.

And, finally, I did one with the salute. And, Bert Spock just staring at his hand knowing that he couldn't ever fully perform the Vulcan Salute. Eh, but close enough.


Karen Halpenny said...

Ha ha ha! These are fantastic!

Lauren said...

Evan - these are great! I'm so impressed that the second sketch, in a single gesture, captures a narrative. WOW! And it also cracked me up. More please!

evan said...

K- Thanks!

L- Thanks! Whenever I can, I like to capture a story or a movement in my still images. It just gives the image that much more life. More to come!