Zombie Mini Puzzles!

This is why I love Japan...well one of the reasons.  They get it.  If you remember a little while back, I did these Sesame Zombie designs.  Japan saw it and ran with it.  Here's the first product that I've seen come in. 

 Mini puzzles!  Pocket sized puzzles.  I saw three puzzles, but only these two were mini.  I would have gone with different images myself, but I'm just happy to see them giving the Zombies a chance. 

 The tiny itsy bitsy chock hazardy pieces even come in a little baggie.  I guess kids choking on tiny things isn't an issue in Japan...

 My favorite part of the packaging is the top of the box.  That is the image they should of made a puzzle of.

 Puzzle in process...no this wasn't set up for the shot...what are you talking about? 

These are the first products of the Zombies that I've seen come in from Japan.  From what I understand Sanrio, Bandai, and New Era picked up the Zombies.  Stay tuned!  More to come!

Insane chalking!

 More vandalization of the walls at Sesame Workshop.  
 This was our victim this time around. 

 Here I am roughing out the sketch and figuring out the perspective.

 After roughing things out I start adding colors and darkening lines. 

One of my partners in crime,Vanessa, joins me and starts adding details to the background. 

My other partner in vandilization, Molly, joins and lays downs some lettering. 

Molly doing her lettering thing. 

Taadaa, the finished piece.  This was the hardest chalk piece we've done so far due to figuring out the perspective of the subway exit.  But, it just had to be done. 

Here's a little time lapsy video of the process.