Insane chalking!

 More vandalization of the walls at Sesame Workshop.  
 This was our victim this time around. 

 Here I am roughing out the sketch and figuring out the perspective.

 After roughing things out I start adding colors and darkening lines. 

One of my partners in crime,Vanessa, joins me and starts adding details to the background. 

My other partner in vandilization, Molly, joins and lays downs some lettering. 

Molly doing her lettering thing. 

Taadaa, the finished piece.  This was the hardest chalk piece we've done so far due to figuring out the perspective of the subway exit.  But, it just had to be done. 

Here's a little time lapsy video of the process. 


Rebar said...

Hey Evan! Nice chalk art graffiti you got there! :D

evan said...

Thanks, Rebar! Glad you likey! I'm gettin my mural on late in life. I'd like to try actual spray paints at some point.