30s of week 8-18

This weeks sketches are a mixture of birthday inspiration and Olympic inspiration. The Olympics have been fun to watch. Some crazy inspirational athletes. The swimming, gymnastics, and track and field have been dominating the coverage. Those are fun to watch, but I've been looking out for ping pong and badminton. Hells yeah! Hmmm, maybe next week...

And, continuing from last week. The gift was an iPhone!

It's been a non stop gadget heaven with the iPhone. Tho, I did have some dropped signal issues. Dammit!

Here's a Ernie + Michael Phelps pose. Ernie Phelps. That dude is pretty badass. Eating 12000 calories a day is pretty inspirational. Heh heh

Usain Bolt was friggin crazy too. A little too cocky. But, hell, the dude did get gold by jogging. Here's a little Bert doing some runnin.

30s of week 8-11

The 30s are a little late this week. I forgot them at work. Eh, what are you gonna do? This weeks 30s were inspired by another purchase I was excited about. My birthday was earlier this week. My girlfriend hooked me up... not with another girl. She's cool, but not THAT cool... Heh heh...ahem... So, this week is my lead up to the gift.


Ooo, what's that?!?

I wannniiit!!

I ran out of days this week, so tune in next week to see what I got. Niiice!

30s of week 8-4

This week I went in a little lost. I had a idea of trying a Beetle Bailey style. I didn't take into account the fur texture. So, I struggled a bit to really get comfortable with this style. But, here they are. Enjoy!

Elmo's a bit odd. I also didn't take into account that the monsters have toes...

Bert was my favorite of the week. It's not really Beetle Bailey, but its got a nice feel. I might have to explore this feel a little more.

Ernie's got something going on, but his proportions needs work. But, I think he has potential.

I'm not pleased with Grover's expression, but the pose works.

30s of week 7-28

This week I was inspired by my big purchase of the Friday of the week before. I picked up a PS3(Playstation 3). I missed an opportunity earlier in the year when I called the Sony store and they had the system in. I decided to wait to buy. What a mistake. Week after week I called and was told that they were out and didn't know when the next shipment would be. Last Friday I tried one more time. Finally, I got the reply I had been waiting for. And, Ernie here shows how it went down.

On my summer Friday, I decided to check if Sony had some PS3s in stock. Ernie shows how I felt the moment the sales person said," Yes, we do have them in stock."

I made my way quickly to the store...

Handed my money over... well, I used a Sony card... for the points...

Made my way home with system in hand...

And, this is the pose I've been in for the past week. Love the Blu-ray!