30s of week 8-18

This weeks sketches are a mixture of birthday inspiration and Olympic inspiration. The Olympics have been fun to watch. Some crazy inspirational athletes. The swimming, gymnastics, and track and field have been dominating the coverage. Those are fun to watch, but I've been looking out for ping pong and badminton. Hells yeah! Hmmm, maybe next week...

And, continuing from last week. The gift was an iPhone!

It's been a non stop gadget heaven with the iPhone. Tho, I did have some dropped signal issues. Dammit!

Here's a Ernie + Michael Phelps pose. Ernie Phelps. That dude is pretty badass. Eating 12000 calories a day is pretty inspirational. Heh heh

Usain Bolt was friggin crazy too. A little too cocky. But, hell, the dude did get gold by jogging. Here's a little Bert doing some runnin.


Faboun'e said...

I phone is just amazing.. !! I look like your first and second draw with it ..!!! ;)

evan said...

Yeah, I still look like that!