30s of week 8-25

Here are last weeks 30s a little late due to me being on vaca. They were inspired by the gold medal ping pong (table tennis) match that I watched late one night during the olympics. The number one and two seated players battling it out with an entire nation cheering them on. Awesome! Anyway, I love myself some ping pong, so I wanted to dedicate a week to a ping pong sequence. Enjoy!

I always thought it was funny how the pros serve.

This image I did in Sketchbook Pro with a Cintiq. We got them for work. So, in order to force myself to practice, I started using it for the sketches. Needs a lot of refinement, but it was fun.

Still figuring out the basics like as adjusting the preferences so paper resolution is what I like.

Here’s Bert taking a shot to the head. Those are always funny. I really liked using the marker effect.

Knocked out. This doesn’t really happen in ping pong, but I had to stop the sequence somewhere.

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Faboun'e said...

should make a small animation with this.. !!! :)