Sesame Bits: Old School 3

This is the Sesame Bits that I did for Sesame Workshop's Old School 3 DVD release back in 2012.

The Old School 3 DVD covered the 80's.  It was fun for me to look up some of the iconic "characters" that I grew up with and figure out how to incorporate them into one outfit.

Here's a close up of Grover with the 80's gear on.  From top to bottom:  Inspector Gadget hat, D.M.C glasses, Ghostbusters pack and trap, Sesame jersey styled after the Chicago Bull's 80's jersey, Transformers Optimus Prime arm, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle arm, Air Jordans, and Smurf leg.  There was plenty more I wanted to add, but these were my favs. 

Space mercenary

This is a piece I did for a event.  The request was for a intergalactic space mercenary that had a specific location on earth to...explore. 

So this was my little soldier that I came up with.  Here you can see the the cleaned up blue pencil and inked versions of the piece.  What great city is he exploring you ask?  Do you even need to ask?  NYC of course!

 Here's a close up of a NYPD service piece that he..."acquired" in his explorations. 

Close up of his communication system.  Of course, its on his arm.  Where else would it be?  To you NYers, there's a little something extra in there for ya.