30s of week 9-22

This week, as in many weeks, I was trolling the interwebs. I happened across an awesome design. Nanospore. They seem to have been around for a couple of years already, but I've only just happened across them. And, it seems as tho they've fallen off the face of the earth since 2007. Everything I find on them hasn't been touched since 07. If anyone finds any more updated info on these guys, please let me know. I found their art very inspirational. So, this week I did a series of some of the Sesame characters as Nanospores. Enjoy!

Bert was pretty easy to translate.

Ernie too. Tho, I'd play with his proportions some more if I were to refine him.

Hmmm... I don't know if this works so well. This is supposed to be the Elmo version. Maybe, if he were colored up, it would be more obvious.

I decided to try a different form with the the Big Bird design. I just couldn't see the eyes and beak on the top of the structure.

The Count definitely needs more work. The essense of the spore is almost lost.


30s of week 9-15

Whao, I forgot to post my sketches from last week. It was a busy weekend. It just slipped my mind. So, here they are. This weeks sketches were done on the Cintiq. I'm still gettin used to the thing. I still greatly prefer my pencils!

My flight back from San Fran inspired this Ernie. My girlfriend and I got upgraded to business class off her points. All I got to say is that business class is ridiculously nicer than coach. It just doesn't seem fair.

This Elmo was inspired by the art of David Flores. Not quite enough time in 30 minutes to fine tune the shapes, but the idea is there. Check out the awesome works of David Flores at davidfloresart.com

I was drawing a blank this morning. That seems to happen a lot. So, I just started sketching and this is what I ended up with.

I felt that I was spending too much time with the cute friendly ideas, so I just did a little angry Bert. Hope you likes!

30s of week 9-8

Last week I was in San Francisco. Taking a little vacation. It was my first time in San Fran. It was fun. Jam packed days. Too many hills. But, still fun. So, this weeks 30s are inspired by my trip. Here they are.

This one was inspired by our up hill treks. There were a lot of hills.

And, there was a lot of picture taking. Funny poses and all.

Lots of good eatin.

Some souvenir gettin.

Our days were pretty packed out. And, there was a lot of walking since we did San Fran by foot. So, this is how our days ended. We would get back to the hotel exhausted. And, that's about how our days went.

30s of week 8-25

Here are last weeks 30s a little late due to me being on vaca. They were inspired by the gold medal ping pong (table tennis) match that I watched late one night during the olympics. The number one and two seated players battling it out with an entire nation cheering them on. Awesome! Anyway, I love myself some ping pong, so I wanted to dedicate a week to a ping pong sequence. Enjoy!

I always thought it was funny how the pros serve.

This image I did in Sketchbook Pro with a Cintiq. We got them for work. So, in order to force myself to practice, I started using it for the sketches. Needs a lot of refinement, but it was fun.

Still figuring out the basics like as adjusting the preferences so paper resolution is what I like.

Here’s Bert taking a shot to the head. Those are always funny. I really liked using the marker effect.

Knocked out. This doesn’t really happen in ping pong, but I had to stop the sequence somewhere.