30s - Weremo

There was a lot of talk of vampires and werewolves this week at work. Thought it would be fun to make our characters into classic monsters. Here's Elmo as a werewolf.

30s of week 6-1

I've decided to combine 30s for this image for a more developed image. This is a combination of 3 sessions. I call it Cookie Monster. Haha.....ahem. Enjoy!

Sesame T

Here's a t-shirt my friend Vanessa and I designed for Sesame Workshop. It was made for Sesame's runners in the 09 Corporate Challenge event. It was only a limited run of 125 shirts. Yah, a black shirt is probably not great for running. But, our main idea in designing this shirt was that the shirts could be worn after the event. So, if its sunny out on the day of the run, they'll have to suffer a little for the run. Sorry. Maybe, make more stops at the water stations. BUT, instead of another cleaning rag, they'll have a nice addition to their t-shirt collection afterwards. It'll make the heat stroke worth it... Enjoy the run!