These sketches don't take only 30 minutes anymore. They start out as 30 minute sketches, but I get carried away. You know how it is. Here are a couple more "Zombie" Sesame characters.
This is Abby. I think I'll change her up a little when I take her to vector. A little too intense to be a Zombie.

This is Zoe. I'm liking the little bump for a mouth.


Sesame's dodgeball team(what?!?) approached me about designing them a shirt for their team. All they had was the team name. "The Rubber DUCKies" Get it? Get it? I got it, but another vision popped into my head when I heard the name. I immediately envisioned a angry Rubber Duckie.

So, I went with it. You got to run with your guts, you know? I thought the angry Rubber Duckie should carry a strong enough of a visual to be amusing. They seemed to like it. Woot!

This was thumbnail sketched and carried out in Illustrator.


I watched Shawn of the Dead... again. Love that movie! Then, I did some Sesame zombies. I kept the Sesame's guidelines in mind as I did these sketches... I'm sure I stepped over somewhere. But, I kept it gore free. You know, no brains and guts oozing out. Now they're either zombies or just really messed up by some other means...

Elmo was my favorite of these two.

I like Ernie, but there are a few things I would change if I took it to a finish.