30s of week 10-20

This week has been pretty insanely hectic. So, only two 30s were done. This week I did some character exploration with Bert. Just exploring a chunkier style and playing with proportions.

This is a much more subtle approach. Slight changes were made to his features.

I pushed the proportions a little farther on this Bert. With the same chunky features, but with some wonkier proportions. I like this one much better.

30s of week 10-13

This week was a hectic week. That's why these are so late. Just hadn't had time to post. Anyway, this week I did poses from Heroes. I had some trouble picking the series back up after the writer's strike, but its getting good again. So, here are the poses.

Here's Bert doing the grab and throw.

Ernie doing the mind read.

Ernie doing the celebration after traveling through time.

Ernie doing the skull cutting. Heh heh, I like this one.

30s of week 10-6

Okay, this week was a rough sketch week. It started off okay, but it just all fell apart. I almost didn't want to post sketches this week. But, I didn't want to show just my successes. I thought it would only be fair if I posted my failures as well as my successes. So, here it goes.

This is my only success this week. Grover as Dhalism from Street Fighter. I enjoyed figuring out the perspective of his leg.

This is Oscar as Blanka... not a great success. I was more excited when I started this piece. It just got away from me and I didn't have time to go back to fix it.

Okay, this is not a Sesame Character. I decided to attempt a puppet version of Barack Obama... I was okay with this one, but it could use work.

This was my nightmare piece of the week. It was supposed to be Mccain. Supposed to be. I didn't want to quit on this one, but time was running out. Sigh, you win some you lose some. On to the next sketch, right?

30s of week 9-29

This week's inspiration came from a blog post that I happened across. It was a post of Dhalism from Street Fighter. It conjured up memories of mastering my first hadouken at the neighborhood 7Eleven. And, the feeling of defeating another person in head to head digital fighting glory. Hells yeah, nerded the hells out. And, to top it off, the Capcom SF art was great. Very inspirational. So, here's my Street Fighter inspired poses.

Here's Bert as Ryu. Still one of my favorite characters. Got to love the originals.

Ernie as Ken. I hate this sketch. Pose is weak. Effect is weak. I just hated the pose, but I said I'd post everything. So, there it is.

The last sketch left me feeling horrible, but I knew this one would work. Cookie as E.Honda. I realized afterwards that I should have made him grabbing cookies. It would have been much more amusing. Oh well.

I had a few more ideas, but I wanted to get a girl up in there. So, I made a Chun Li Zoe. I was a little hesitant at first. I wasn't sure I could cover the details in just 30 minutes. But, I think it came out aaaight.