30s of week 10-6

Okay, this week was a rough sketch week. It started off okay, but it just all fell apart. I almost didn't want to post sketches this week. But, I didn't want to show just my successes. I thought it would only be fair if I posted my failures as well as my successes. So, here it goes.

This is my only success this week. Grover as Dhalism from Street Fighter. I enjoyed figuring out the perspective of his leg.

This is Oscar as Blanka... not a great success. I was more excited when I started this piece. It just got away from me and I didn't have time to go back to fix it.

Okay, this is not a Sesame Character. I decided to attempt a puppet version of Barack Obama... I was okay with this one, but it could use work.

This was my nightmare piece of the week. It was supposed to be Mccain. Supposed to be. I didn't want to quit on this one, but time was running out. Sigh, you win some you lose some. On to the next sketch, right?

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