30s of week 5-10-10

I finally did some sketching for my 30s. These were inspired by Kick-Ass. Comic form. A friend dropped it off on my desk at work and I couldn't stop reading it. That's what usually happens with comics. Anyway, here are a couple of the lead characters.

Here's Elmo as Kick-Ass himself. These took more than one 30 min session. I just couldn't leave these guys super rough.

Here's Abby as Hit Girl. I was thinking of using Zoe, but I thought Abby's features lend themselves to the character better.


Sorry, for the lack of posts lately. Life has been busy. Good busy. Main busy-ness were honeymoon and 2Bs. The image you see here is from my honeymoon. Crazy awesome. I got a new camera that I'm playing with, so you might see pix from time to time as I play. As far as 2B goes, I've got a few projects lined up that is keeping me busy just building characters. Plus, I'm developing some new items to go into our online store. And, working on bringing more eyes and fans to the 2B Facebook page. Click on the link or just search for 2Bnation on Facebook. Join us! So, as you can see, 2B is keeping me busy. If I'm not working on the 2B characters, I'm thinking of what can be done to spread the word. Anyway, a lot of good stuff going on, so stay tuned.