Zombies on NewEra/Sanrio caps

When I found out this was happening I was quite excited see my work on New Era caps.  Then, to find out that Sanrio pushed the zombies, I was beside myself.  New Era teamed up with Sanrio teaming up with Sesame to bring you these zombie caps.  Unfortunately, I think these are exclusive to Japan.  You may be able to hunt them down if you check on New Era's Japan site.  I think Cookie and Oscar may be sold out already. 





Character names raised on the back of the caps. 
With matching New Era logos on the sides of the caps.

Chalking - Grover MJ

I was asked to work on a chalk piece for Sesame's health and wellness Broadway dance program.  I'm not much of a dancer...at all.  But, when I think of dance, one individual comes to mind immediately.  MJ.  He had many iconic poses, but this one was always one of my favorite.  So, I decided to put Grover into this iconic pose. 

This is the planning stage.  Sketchy sketch.  I always have to work out a sketch before I actually put chalk to surface.  Got to get my head around it before actually attempting it. 

 Here's me "rubbing" the chalk into the wall as my "sketch" stage.

 After rubbing in the rough, I went in with white chalk to clean up the lines. 

Added some dashes of color to finish off the piece.  Fellow artists, Molly Hein, did the lettering and texts. 

Here's a time lapse vid of the process.  Short and shweeet.