These little characters were done for a school up in Harlem. Its the Our Lady Queen of Angels School. It's a Catholic elementary school. That explains the outfits. :) They're supposed to be put on banners that the school needs. One giant one on the side of the building and smaller banners on the other side of the school. I did character work while another designer is laying out the sign and choosing fonts and what not. They were fun characters to work on. The characters are actually based on kids that they had given me pictures of for reference of uniform variations.

Electric Company

These were concept sketches for a new character to be used on the new Electric Company. The folks in charge said they liked the vibe of the kids in one of the Missi Elliot videos. So, I did some kids with baggy clothing and some attitude gestures. And, I did sketches of characters that flashed in mind as I was doing the other sketches. After all this they ended going with an outside company to do designs. Oh well. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Their lose. :)

side notes...

Its been a while, but I've finally have something I can post. Nothing big, just some side note guy that I designed for these handouts I did for a presentation that I had to do for Sesame. Not fun. Hate presentations. But, I was pretty happy with these guys. Enjoy!

Muppetized Octopus

This is a little something I did for Sesame publishing. They needed to replace a old image of a sad octopus in a book they wanted to re-release. So, of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I was faced with the challenge of no mouth to express his sadness. In the older design, they just slapped a mouth on the octopus where there is no mouth. As I was doing some research online, the more images I looked at the more they started to blur. And, as I was clicking on image after image, something jumped out at me. The natural curve of the "web" that connects the octopus' tentacles. It started to look like a mouth of some sort. So, I just used the webbing to help express his emotion. Hope you enjoy!


These were some creatures that I sketched out for a concept a friend of mine had. They were never used. So, now, I can share them with you. They wanted a family-ish feel. So, I did some groups and some individual creatures. That little guy with the glasses is not one of the creatures..... he's a little guy that I was inspired to do after looking through a "art of" book in Japan.... I guess he is sort of a creature...

the new girl...

These were some sketches I did really early on in the development process of a new character on Sesame. We were told that she should be humanoid-ish. Possibly with some "monster" characteristics. Plus, her father was a tooth fairy and her mom was a fairy god-mother. Go figure. So, I put some teeth on her and some wings. Not sure how the antennas come in, but it felt right. But, it wasn't used, so I guess not. Anyway, please enjoy.

Anime concepts

See, I told you I'd repost soon. So, here are some sketches done in the concept stage of developing the Anime style for Sesame. It was just fun to explore something other than the traditional style.

A little more action...Tried some of this and some of that. Went a little stupid...Needs to be a little more cartoony...
I, personally, liked this one. I think it has a funky feel. It's incomplete because another project demanded my attention and by the time I had time I was onto another design. You know how it is.
We even explored skateboard designs at one point. These are a few ideas I sketched out. The skateboard idea was not followed through with, but I liked these sketches. I would have wanted one. :)


So, I am finally posting again. A combination of unreleasable work and my own laziness has kept me from posting. Hopefully, that will change. Here is a little something I worked on through Sesame Workshop for Sprout. I'm heavily a pencils person, so this was a exploration into Illustrator for me. They needed mock ups of "cards" that appeared to be done by Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird. So, the point was to render the art in the style that these characters would actually draw in. Therefore, I did some research and plugged away. I ended up roughing out the idea in blue pencil and carrying it out in Illustrator. So, one is the rough blue pencils. The middle images are color files that are to be used on screen. Well, at least one will be. And, the third black and white is to be available online for kids to download and color. Very simple images, but a fun practice in rendering in a much looser style. Enjoy!