Anime concepts

See, I told you I'd repost soon. So, here are some sketches done in the concept stage of developing the Anime style for Sesame. It was just fun to explore something other than the traditional style.

A little more action...Tried some of this and some of that. Went a little stupid...Needs to be a little more cartoony...
I, personally, liked this one. I think it has a funky feel. It's incomplete because another project demanded my attention and by the time I had time I was onto another design. You know how it is.
We even explored skateboard designs at one point. These are a few ideas I sketched out. The skateboard idea was not followed through with, but I liked these sketches. I would have wanted one. :)

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potto1 said...

I like the kamikaze grover. nice contrast in personality haha