So, I am finally posting again. A combination of unreleasable work and my own laziness has kept me from posting. Hopefully, that will change. Here is a little something I worked on through Sesame Workshop for Sprout. I'm heavily a pencils person, so this was a exploration into Illustrator for me. They needed mock ups of "cards" that appeared to be done by Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird. So, the point was to render the art in the style that these characters would actually draw in. Therefore, I did some research and plugged away. I ended up roughing out the idea in blue pencil and carrying it out in Illustrator. So, one is the rough blue pencils. The middle images are color files that are to be used on screen. Well, at least one will be. And, the third black and white is to be available online for kids to download and color. Very simple images, but a fun practice in rendering in a much looser style. Enjoy!

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