character inspired by a girl I saw on a lunch break character inspired on a trip to Japan
character inspired by a madman
sketch inspired by Lord of the Rings
sketch for Danny Kimanyen of his character Ebonyc
sketch of actual Grover puppet
sketch of a GTO used for a friends animation bg


Lovelace said...

Nice work, E. Very cool range of styles. Like your take on Ebonic too. Pencil rocks. Cintiqs are wonderful, but in a way they'll always be pencil-wannabees.

Kanokadafi said...

That blue sketch of grover has that awesome classic chengsta attention to detail, great job man.

chengsta said...

thanks, mangs!

potto1 said...

yea LOTR dude is sick! really like the shading on Ebonyc. is that digital? looks digital...damn ur style is so clean!

chengsta said...

Yep, the greys are digital. I just thought the flat color was needed for the feel I was going for. Long live Bruce!!

Anonymous said...

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