Japanese product

Finally! I got a design into Japan. It's about friggin time. Can't say its exactly how I'd like to see my designs applied, but its nice to see it applied at all. Sesame is really tough on designs that render their characters "unrecognizable" as they like to call it. This one made it out the doors. Oddly enough, in my opinion, the design is one of my most distorted designs. Simplified to the very least details possible and still resembling the characters. Here are the original designs for the "Sesame Seeds". As you can see they only took the faces of my designs. Why? Who knows. We don't question the Japanese. They produce some of our best toys out there. As for what these things actually are, I can't tell ya. Heads with suction cups... Definitely chocking hazards, but so is most of what Japan develops for us. Woohoo, design in Japan! Maybe, next time I can get them to use the hair too...

30s of week 7-20-09

This week I got inspired by the upcoming GI Joe movie. I had the figures and watched the series. My house and yard served as military base and battle zones. And, as I'm sure everyone else did, I switched up body parts as the figures fell apart. And, that was the wonder of GI Joe. And, the coolest characters of GI Joe were of course Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. My personal favorite was Storm Shadow. He's a Ninja in all white that could dismantle a tank by kicking and punching it. How much more awesome can you get? So, this week I did two sketches with this inspiration.

Ernie as the awesome Storm Shadow about to kick some Joe ass.

Bert as Snake Eyes. I always thought of Snake Eyes more as a ninja. So, I didn't give him any guns and gave him two swords instead.

30s of week 7-13-09

Finally, moved on from the MJ. I'm oddly uninspired for the 30s these days. It's one of those sluggish times that we all have. But, still got to keep truckin. So, here's what I got this week. Hope you likes!

I went back to the trusted simplified structure I love so much.

My least favorite of the week. I like his weird expression tho. The creepy kid staring in your window look.

I actually liked this one. It's Ernie as a Shmoo.

30s of week 6-29-09

I actually had a different idea for this weeks sketches, but the overwhelming wave of Michael Jackson everything took over. And, it reminded me of how amazing of a performer he was. And, how wonderfully clean his movements were. So, this inspired this week's sketches.

Elmo imitating a classic Michael Jackson pose.

Less recognizable, but still a classic.

Michael Jackson may have had some serious issues, but you can't take away how much influence he had on the entertainment world. And, for me, it was nice to hear and see Jackson's contributions everywhere I went for a little while.