30s of week 7-20-09

This week I got inspired by the upcoming GI Joe movie. I had the figures and watched the series. My house and yard served as military base and battle zones. And, as I'm sure everyone else did, I switched up body parts as the figures fell apart. And, that was the wonder of GI Joe. And, the coolest characters of GI Joe were of course Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. My personal favorite was Storm Shadow. He's a Ninja in all white that could dismantle a tank by kicking and punching it. How much more awesome can you get? So, this week I did two sketches with this inspiration.

Ernie as the awesome Storm Shadow about to kick some Joe ass.

Bert as Snake Eyes. I always thought of Snake Eyes more as a ninja. So, I didn't give him any guns and gave him two swords instead.

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