Muppetized Octopus

This is a little something I did for Sesame publishing. They needed to replace a old image of a sad octopus in a book they wanted to re-release. So, of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I was faced with the challenge of no mouth to express his sadness. In the older design, they just slapped a mouth on the octopus where there is no mouth. As I was doing some research online, the more images I looked at the more they started to blur. And, as I was clicking on image after image, something jumped out at me. The natural curve of the "web" that connects the octopus' tentacles. It started to look like a mouth of some sort. So, I just used the webbing to help express his emotion. Hope you enjoy!


Kanokadafi said...

That's some smart design E.

s4ndm4n said...

Love the way you minimize your amazing talent! Doodles, huh.. that's funny.. I always thought doodles were the things you do in the margins of your notes when you're bored. LOL

Awesome stuff. I'll be checking back!