30 mins of week 4-28 part 2

And, here are the sketches from the mornings.  A little super hero and a little robot.  Bert Torch.  Yes, he is getting his flame on...  Cookie Bot.  Cookie in his home made robot suit.  Ice Ernie.  I wasn't happy with this sketch.  I didn't take into account all the time it would take to make ice look like ice.  Go figure.  And, that took away from other parts of the sketch.  Waawaa...  Prarie Bot.  I figured that I should put one of the girls into a robot suit.  So, here's Prarie Dawn in her cute little suit.  Pigeon Man?  Bert in a home made pigeon super hero suit.  I add the thumbnail for this sketch in the upper left corner.  Thought it might be neat to see.  


Julian said...

I really like these, but I'd also like to point out to you that most of your links (fairly recently) don't work anymore to enlarge your artwork... what's up with that?

Oh, and you should use Prairie more often. She totally rocks! I'd like to see her as some kind of Wonder Woman amazon, both at her usual age, and all grown up! :)

evan said...

Thanks for pointing out the link problem. I noticed this too. Very frustrating. I think I've figured it out, but have been a bit too busy to update my old links. But, this weeks will work... I hope. :)

I've been trying to use more of the girl characters. There aren't many. This week there is a Prairie and a Zoe. And, one is dressed as Wonder Women. :)