30 mins of week 4-5

Here are my 30 minutes of this week. This week got really busy all of sudden. You know how it goes from nothing to dropping like rain? Yeah, I know, its just an excuse. But, I'm sticking to that. So, this week, there are only two home sketches.

Prairie Dawn with a little cape playing super hero.

Iron Oscar? I actually thought I hit this one, but it has come to my attention that no one can see Oscar in here. So, I am working on a new one that will be posted later... with a little more Oscar in it.

Wonder Zoe. The funniest thing happen when I one of my coworkers saw this sketch. He asked me if those were Abby's wings that Zoe is holding. What a great story line that would be, right? Zoe is hating on the new girl character on the street and rips off her wings. Haha... wouldn't be very Sesame tho...

Chibi Wonder Woman. Exploring chibis again.

Ernie playing super hero. He added a little curl to show he was committed to the role.

Chibi Human Torch. Still working with fire. I realized afterwards that his hair should be one solid flame shape. But, it was too late to change it up. Maybe, later.

Cookie playing super hero. He's feeling quite good about his cape.

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potto1 said...

dude I totally see Oscar in there. The more recent one does look more, but only cuz he's got fur. I see it in his eyes and underbite!