New old piece

Happy New Years folks!  I'm welcoming in the new year with a new post...of a piece I did in 2012.  This was a piece that Sesame requested for a thank you gift to their Bangladesh co-production.  I had done a similar piece for the Indonesia co-pro a little while back.  Check it out here.   

This is the finished piece.  It's a line drawing done in blue col-erase pencil.  Four of Sesame's main characters(Big Bird, Grover, Cookie, and Elmo) and four of the Bangladesh Sesame's characters(Halum, Tuktuki, Ikri Mikri, and Shiku).    

This is a peek at part of the process. This is an image of the clean line part of the process.  The rough sits underneath as reference.  You can also see the start of me exploring the thicker outline. 

Here's a close up on the sign and light post.  That's the Bangladesh street sign.  I had no idea what the sign says, so I just had to straight trace it.  I had to be really careful to not accidentally make it say something it's not supposed to.  That would be a problem.  

Here's a close up on the center of the piece.  Cookie gnawing on the light post.  This is further along in the process.  Almost finished.  Just added a few more details after this and it was ready to be framed and presented to the Bangladesh team.  Hope they enjoyed it. 

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