30s of week 7-7

This is last weeks sketches. I had Friday off and just forgot to scan them. So, here they are. This week I started out exhausted. So, I made Ernie express it for me. Then, I just continued with my morning feelings as a theme. And, I was off!

Exhausted I was. Just like that. Dragging myself all the way to work.

Madonna's place is right down the street from our offices and I pass it every morning on my way to work. For the past few weeks, there had been paparazzi camped out across the street from her place. On this morning, as I was passing by, Madonna's SUV must have pulled up. There was an explosion of activity and people and cameras were flying everywhere. So, Bert is expressing how I felt as everyone exploded across the street.

This morning I was running late. Running out the door with metro card in hand. I was looking at my watch, but Grover doesn't have a watch. So, he's looking at his wrist where a watch would be.

I was contemplating what to draw in the morning. And, that was the only thing that came to mind. So, there it is.

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