30 mins of week 4-21

This week the Sesame sketches have a robot theme. And, the home sketches have a monster theme. The home sketches were inspired by a friend of mine. Michael Schupbach's blog is all about monsters. He's just gotten it up and runnin. It's fun and free, so go see it! Now here are some sketches. Bobbing head Elmo.  I realized I should have filled the tank up.  But, not its sort of a torture.  Eh, he's only a head anyway.  I really didn't like this sketch.  But, good or bad, I wanted to post the sketches.  Bomberman Elmo.  Yup, the suit was inspired by Bomberman.  Little monder.  I just pictured the head of this monster.  Everything was built off that shape.  This is how the Sesame characters would play "robot".  Strap some cardboard on and wammo you got yourself a robot.  That's my nephew Julian a few years back.  I just dug his expression.  I just thought it would be a good expression to play with.  Robo Bert.  Same robot exploration as the Ernie cardboard robot.  I'm not sure why I enjoy sketching yelling monsters.  But, here's another one.  And, here is Elmo in a cardboard robot suit.  I just really wanted to see how we'd handle the eyeballs above the head.  

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