30 mins of week 4-14

This week I only have 8 out of my usual 10.  I had some bad shrimp on Tuesday evening.  In trying to keep this clean, lets just say that I was unstable on Wednesday.  Therefore, there are no sketches for that day.  But, the others are there.  This week, with my Sesame sketches, I went with a "sticker art" sort of style.  I can't say that I've ever done actual sticker art, so this makes me a  poser.  But, hell, can't help it if I was inspired.  And, my home sketches were done in the "chibi" style.  I'm not sure what the style is officially called, but its the larger head smaller body thing.  I'm still feeling the style out.  So, I'm sure there will be many more.  These also took longer than I expected, so I was not able to clean them up.  So, you'll see cleaned up versions down the road.  Enough speak, now images.  
Here's Bert.  I think this one is my favorite of the Sesame 30s this week.  
This character was inspired by my friend Freddy.  He's just full of incredible energy.  This is him running through the halls of Sesame Workshop.  
Ernie.  I did this one twice.  This was the better one... I think.  
Chibi Wolverine.  He needs some work.  
Count Von Count.  A coworker said he looks like a speeding locomotive.  He does, doesn't he?  
Chibi Spidey?  Hmm, not quite.  
Oscar sticker.  I liked how this one came out.  
Chibi Batman.  I think this is probably my favorite of the chibis this week.  


Anonymous said...

omg, i abosolutely love your drawings; i myself am a drawer, but... like... idk.. your rlly good. lol.

evan said...

Ur compliment is greatly appreciated! Thanks!