Uniqlo UT Grand Prix 09

Uniqlo held a shirt design contest a while back. I designed ten shirts, but was only able to complete three due to deadlines. From what I saw online, it seems that I could have just entered my rough sketches and it would have been fine. So, here are two of my three shirts I entered. The red one actually made it into the second round. Narrowing from 14,584 designs from 75 countries to 1000 designs from 44 countries. I'm one of 43 from the US. I'm sure there would have been more if more people knew about it. Next round will be narrowed down to 200 designs. I don't think I'll make it into that round. But, who knows. People like what they like. Of my entries, I definitely thought my character shirt had the best chance. So, that shows what I know. Anyway, check em out. Here's the link: http://ut.uniqlo.com/utgp/?lang=us#/search/ There have been a lot of problems with this link. It's hit or miss. I hope it works for you.

The idea was to just create space with a simple shape. Just a circle. I was playing with a design at work and it inspired this visual.

This was my favorite of the three shirts I entered. The character started as just the front view. The back view was created for this shirt. I like this enough that I might have to just make it on my own.

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