30s 0f week 10-27

Happy Halloween! This weeks sketches all have a Halloween-ish theme. It was fun to do some not so soft and cute sketches. Dirty them up a little. Gore it up a little. Nice. These were done on the Cintiq. I still haven't been able to get the lines as fine and exact as a traditional pencil line. But, its nice to sketch loose. Enjoy!

I started with making Bert into a zombie. Thought it was a pretty common straight forward idea.

Someone mentioned Michael Jackson's Thriller. And, this image popped in my mind. It felt good. Elmo Thriller.

I saw a commercial for The Great Pumpkin and couldn't resist this one. Ernie in a Charlie Brown costume. This was my friendlier one of the week.

I wanted to go a little more dramatic on this last sketch of the week. So, I went with Grover. That is actually stuffing coming out of his head. Heh heh... Happy Halloween everyone!


goooooood girl said...

Very good......

Justin said...

Grover looks great dude! Did you know that Matt handed out the Bert Zombie to his class? Everyone loved it!

evan said...

Hey J, welcome. I didn't know you were in Matt's class. Cool. You got to post your work. I'm flattered that Matt would want to pass my work out. Awfully, nice of him. The Bert was just a slight indication of my darker side. I can't really get into it in my 30s, but I used to love doing the darker images. Thanks for checkin my blog out.