30s of week 11-03

Wow, its been a crazy week. We have a new president! Not only a new president, but a new chance. Hope. The emotions and feelings that the election brought was felt world wide. It really is quite a thing to be alive for. But, life continues as it is. And, as such, here are the 30s of this week.

I didn't do a sketch on Monday. There was just too much going on. So, Tuesday's sketch was my first of the week. This was the feeling of the day. Everyone and their mothers asked if you had voted.

And, this was my feeling on Wednesday. That's sign language for the letter "O". Not everyone got that. I think very little people got it actually...

And, back to the normal. Here's a Super Grover done for a fellow worker.

Ugh, this is how I felt on Friday. From work to personal paperwork. I just felt like I was buried under paperwork.

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