30s of week 12-8

It's been a little bit. I was in Singapore. The food is awesome! It was hard getting back into things when I got back. Not only the time difference, but the work just piled up. I tried to get back into the 30s. I got started, but it was hard to keep up. I did get a couple done. I know, I'm a friggin slacker. But, here's what I got.

I started with this one because I enjoyed the food in Singapore so much that this is how we spent most of our time there. With our chopsticks out and picking up food.

Then, BAM!!! In the middle of the week, I got hit with a spell of vertigo. Holy crap! That has got to be one of the most annoying conditions. I got up one morning and couldn't stand up straight. This sketch was done once I got back on my feet. Somewhat...

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