Every once in a while I get into these modes where I just troll the web for great artwork for inspiration. I start with friends websites and other great artist's sites or blogs. This day, I happened across Eric Canete's blog. This guy is gooood. Not only is he good, but he does these amazing 90 min. drawings. Finishes in inks and shading and all that. 90 minutes! Some with upwards of 6 characters! Not animated characters, but comic book characters! Maybe, to some, this isn't impressive(not sure who you'd be and why you'd be reading my blog if you're that good), to me... at first, it angered me, then inspired me, and angered me again. Seriously, the life, movement, and detail he is able to capture in 90 minutes is incredible. At least to me it is. So, with that said, I was inspired to challenge myself. I have a animation background. Not much of one, but that's what I went to school for. Well, a school where the teachers would ask us about job availabilities when we were interning. But, its what you make out of it, right? Anyway, so in attempt to practice more and focus my pencils more, I've started doing 30 minute sketching sessions twice a day. Once in the morning with Sesame characters. Jump start the work day with getting the creative juices flowing...that phrase always sounded a little off to me... And, once in the evenings of anything that inspired me. Focusing on character, but not restricted to. I'm in no way trying to one up Mr. Canete's 90 min. pieces. I'm no where near his caliber. 30 minutes is just a chunk of time that I can see myself maintaining. As you will see, its been a rough start. I'm finding my footing. It seems to be more challenging than I had anticipated. The morning 30 is easier since I at least have set characters to work wih. But, the evening 30 is proving to be more challenging. Conceptualizing, designing, and posing is proving to be harder than I had imagined. I'm hoping that this is what will become more focused with time. I have to admit, the thought of "what have I gotten myself into" has crossed my mind on several occasions. But, its only been a few days. For now, forgive the rough start. Hopefully, things will get better. We'll see. Here we go... This was my first. I was inspired by my girlfriend's niece. :)This was my first Sesame 30 min. And, this was , as you can see, my rough start. It was inspired by a creepy Jewish man on the subway. I totally missed the creepiness. And, I think I should lay off the inks for now... Here's Elmo in a home made super suit. Gentle giant inspired by a girl on the subway. She looked intimidating at first. Then, she looked up with a smile and her whole personality changed. This was a Elmo inspired by a character that Studio Espinosa designed. And, yes, this did take me 30min. It's surprising how long a simple line takes. This one was inspired by a video a friend posted up on Facebook. Her name is DJ Sara. The video was of her at age 7. Her and her brother are a DJ team. I don't know much about scratching, but they seem pretty badass to me. They are playing Emmy parties. Not too shabby. This sketch was stopped at 30min, but I did finish up some details afterwards. I'll probably post that later.

Hope you enjoyed my first 30mins posting. I hope I have better ones to deliver in the future... I better...

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